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IT Support in Bolton

Most offices have some form of computer system, whether you are a one man band or a massive company employing hundreds of staff. It may be that you only need occasional IT assistance, but if you have a more complicated system, such as multiple servers then you will more than likely need a skilled tech support team.

Most computers will have hardware and software. Computer hardware is any physical device, such as a computer monitor, a mouse, a keyboard etc. Computer software is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide instructions to the computer telling it what to do etc.

Most IT services/ computer services in Bolton will have experience dealing with both software and hardware, however they may specialise in either. The main area of IT support is software installation and maintenance. Important services will include; application protection, system upgrading, system maintenance and data backup.

A more recent technology that provides a popular IT solution is cloud computing. This involves delivering services over the internet rather than using an in house server to store all of your emails and documents. Your data will be stored across multiple locations ensuring that it is protected from being lost at all times.

Often, cloud computing providers offer synchronizing capacities that allow you to sync your documents/ emails to the provider’s web servers. This means that they can be accessed from any internet enabled device including laptops, tablets and smart phones. This can greatly assist companies that need ready access to their documents, applications etc outside the office.

Cloud computing also enables IT services to be carried out via the Web, which can help reduce your IT support costs.