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What is password management?

We all rely on passwords to access secure systems every day. Whilst password protection is one of the most secure methods of authentication, the risk increases dramatically when people mishandle passwords and the reality is most people make common password mistakes!


Understand why you need to manage passwords the clever way:

The number of online apps is increasing year-over-year and so is the number of cybercrimes which target stealing passwords to disrupt businesses, typically these include:

Login spoofing- Passwords are illegally collected through a fake login page by cybercriminals.

Sniffing attacks- Passwords are stolen using illegal network access and with tools like key loggers.

Brute force attack- Stealing passwords with the help of automated tools and gaining access to user data.

Data breach- Stealing login credentials and other confidential data directly from the website database.

Shoulder surfing attack– less common in a business environment but it can still happen that someone steals passwords by watching when someone types them, at times using a micro-camera and gaining access to user data.


All these threats create an opportunity for attackers to steal user passwords and enjoy unlimited access benefits. 


The reality of SME password management:

How many traditional methods of password management relate to you?  (the lower the number; the better your score!)

Writing down passwords on sticky notes, post-its, etc.

Reusing the same password for all web applications.

Sharing passwords with teams using spreadsheets, email, over the phone etc.

Using simple and easy to guess passwords Does: ‘Password01’ ring a bell?

Never changing passwords.

Opting out of authentication options.


The Clever Way of managing passwords:

Storing and managing passwords in an efficient manner helps prevent unauthorised access and protects your business, your clients and your employees.


How to manage passwords

Create a simple set of password rules, ensuring they are made part of your induction process and explained to all employees.

Create strong, unique passwords that use a combination of words, numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lower-case letters.

Configure two-factor authentication for all accounts.

Use a Password Managing system if you struggle to remember all your passwords. We recommend Last Pass, a highly encrypted database that stores all your passwords and is accessible with just one password.

Store all enterprise passwords in one place and enforce secure password policies throughout the business.

Do spot checks so you know that people are following your password policy

Create unique passwords that use a combination of words, numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lower-case letters.


It is easily forgotten how much information is accessible when a password is known, which is why Clever IT is here to help. If you want to learn more about methods to improve your IT security, get in touch!